Our Products

Who Took Fluffy?™

Who Took Fluffy?™ is a Who-Done-It mystery that introduces students to science concepts through a Problem Based Learning approach. The problem is simple: determine what happened to Fluffy, the mascot in Ms. Donroe’s class. To achieve that determination, students learn concepts that help form the basis for all science learning such as pattern recognition, cause and effect and evidence-based conclusions. Learn More

Diablo Highway

Diablo Highway™ is the second in the Case History forensic science series. It features comprehensive forensic science lab activities based on actual crimes that occurred in the not-recent past. Diablo Highway™ contains nine lab activities for middle and high school students based on the double-murder of Hazel Frome and her daughter Nancy that occurred in March 1938 on a desert road in Southwest Texas. Diablo Highway™ is objective-based learning that compels the application of science through real-world problem solving. Learn More

Murder at Old Fields

Murder at Old Fields™, the first entry in the Case History forensic science series, is an exciting Forensic Science Lab Activity for middle school, high school and college classrooms. Based on the 1842 double-murder of Alexander and Rebecca Smith at their farmhouse in Old Fields, Long Island, students examine evidence and conduct labs based on the historical facts of this case. There are two versions of the Murder at Old Fields™ activity; a real-world kit and an online version. Learn More

About Learn Engines

Learn Engines is a company dedicated to a better way to educate children. We make science lab activities that are:
  • Flexible and Modular: Created so teachers can adapt the learning to the schedule of the class.
  • Authentic: Based on a phenomenon from the world the students and teachers know.
  • Reuseable: The products can be used again from class to class and include the option of ordering refills for the consumable components of the kit.
  • Blend of Real and Virtual World: Our products are a blend of the real world and the virtual world. This results in the best educational experience for the child.
  • Fun: Students love to learn as they try to solve the science mystery presented in these products.